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Daily Soap Flakes M-Tu-W-Th-F Beyond Salem M 7-11-22 Season 2 Episode 1 "Reunion"
- We begin on a small boat in the Mediterranean with men & a diver. They say they found nothing. Steve Burton is one of them. A woman named Brady is one of them. They shoot the boatmen & take off via the outboard motor.
-  Intro with "Like sands through the hourglass," with 2 voices, 1 m, 1 f. Who is that?!
-  We see the boat, "Living in Cin," and Ben is tying off at the dock. It's been about a week since we saw Ciara & Ben & BabyBo leave Salem. Here they are now, in Montreal. Look! It's Hope coming around the corner. Been too long! Hugs. Hope meeting BabyBo. And, we can now see AngelBo in heaven, watching a large screen with the scene at the dock on it.
-  The opening credits roll. I LOVE the credits. They look and sound great!
-  We're at Hope's apartment. Nice place, not a secret. Ben thnx Hope for the boat.
-  AngelBo is watching from heaven, live streaming, ... Here's Loretta Divine. She says he's broken some rules. He saved Tripp from the devil. He's being gotten onto for breaking rules & bringing the Johnson boy back to life, from the dead.
-  Tripp answers the door & it's Steve & Kayla. This is Seattle now. Here's Stephanie & now Joey. This is a surprise! They had not been expecting Steve & Kayla. Group hug! All the Johnsons together again! They got a good selfie.
-  Bo: My best friend could've lost his son. He tells he learned the harp & has gotten the entire Beatles catalog on harp now. She says he's not going to be allowed to watch Live Earth Feed but he can binge shows & catch up on his soaps.
-  BabyBo goes from happy to crying. Ciara is tense with Hope. Hope feels terrible about not being there for them when they needed her to.
- Ciara is very angry about this subject. Just where was she for 2 years?!!
- San Francisco, an apartment, a kegger, a Pride party. John's dancing! Marlena called from Sami & Lucas's wedding. John relates that he is sorry he's missing it but he needed to see Paul, etc.
- Seattle. Steve says that Tripp is looking good & he does. No more looking like he was beat all to h*ll! Joey got a haircut! Someone get Stephanie off the phone! She says she has her own PR business & when you do, you have to answer your phone! Steve alleges that he is self-employed at a business of his own so he knows about that. (Black Patch)
-  John & Paul are catching up. Knock at the door. There's Steve Burton in a cop uniform.
- Ciara is really letting Hope have it for each & every time in the past 2 years when Hope was MIA! She says she was traveling, needed time alone & found herself at a crossroads. She had thought, you know, that she'd lost Ciara for good & that killed her!
- AngelBo cannot watch the live feed.
-  At Paul's this Officer was there on a noise complaint, we were having a party but you can see that it's over now. Cop says Mr. Black has to go with him. WHAT?! How did you know his name? Used a taser on John, who went down. A fight follows between Paul & Cop Burton. Great theatre combat. Really a good fight. Ends with Cop using a kegger to crash it down on Paul's head & Paul is out.
- The Johnsons are back, having had a non-traditional non-touristy visit to Seattle.
-  Paul & John are knocked out cold. Wait, John is gone. So is the cop.
- Ciara says that Ben saw AngelBo that time when he appeared to Ciara & to Tripp. Shawn, Julie, Doug, etc. people who have been missing Hope & waiting hoping she would come.
- Hope says please do not judge me. Ciara Alice Brady I love you & I am proud of you. Hope's crying. I try to be in the moment & I try to be grateful.
- Paul, with these other cops, reporting what happened, Call it a crazy story! Oh, yeah, the other cop hit John with a taser or stun gun of some kind. They find a fake badge.
-  Johnsons are playing a board game. Knock at door. Tripp answers the door. (Odd, he doesn't live there.) Steve Burton again & again in the cop uniform. He has 5 pizzas in his hands. They have 5 pizzas for their family because no one can agree on ingredients. Kinda funny. They go over the ingredients. One person has pineapple on theirs. Steve puts his box down on the table & is standing there, when he opens the lid & his pizza explodes!
- Hope misses Salem & she lists things she misses.
- AngelBo is trying to get live earth streaming service up & running, do it yourself tech.
-  Hope is coaching skating.
-  Ciara has been worried that Hope is involved in espionage.
- AngelBo saw Hope tell a fib to Ciara, mentioned her eyebrow going up, etc.
-  By herself now, Hope gets out a file from a drawer & it is marked ISA on the front.
-  Steve Johnson is missing. Steve Burton is on the phone with a woman who is apparently his boss. He says he has the first 2 pkgs.
-  Hope & Ben & Ciara are up & its the next morning with breakfast. They say they are staying at least a few days. They don't have any for sure plans. Hope says she has something she needs to tell them. Doorbell rings.  It's Steve Burton wearing a nametag, "Michaels".
-  Paul goes to answer his door. He hopes it is Shane, who is supposed to be coming. Opens the door. It is NOT Shane. Young man says, "No, I'm not Shane but I am his son, Andrew, ISA.
-  Stephanie had been out cold. She comes to.
- We are in a strange room & John & Steve are there, both tied to a chair each & captive.
- Steve says, "WHAT is that in your hair?" John replies, "Glitter!"
- A beautiful woman comes in this room. She is Megan Hathaway, Stefano's daughter.
- Michaels pulls out a large bouquet of flowers & gives them to Hope. He & Hope kiss passionately.
- AngelBo is upset with this picture!
The End For Today.

If you've got the time, you can log onto Peacock Premium & settle back. Starts on a boat in the Mediterranean. Then, we're on the dock at Montreal, where Ben is tying up "Living in Cin" and here comes Ciara with BabyBo & LOOK there's Hope!
General Discussion / DOOL's Ava, Tamara Braun Took A Fall
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 09, 2022, 08:36:59 pm »
She was on concrete, walking dogs, in a dress, suddenly she was down in the driveway. Hurt, embarrassed, being ignored, finally someone stopped to see if she was okay. Hallelujah! Apparently there was nothing broken & maybe not even a trip to the doc or Urgent Care. Just a fall. Sucked though! If you tweet her, give her a tweet. Otherwise, a good thought, a prayer. Hope she's fine!

What Nik has to say for himself about having sex with Esme
Today, 08:15 PM
I read an article about this where the actor was going to explain to us what happened where he had sex with his son Spencer's girlfriend. He said he really wants to be a good father to Spencer but he just keeps screwing up. (He let his son think he was dead for 2 years so they have some things they need to work through.) He said he's been drinking too much. He said he's been thinking about doing himself in. Yeah, full stop on that. Nik has been considering suicide. Oh yeah, I got out of order with this, slip it in before, he is very concerned that his marriage is over & he can't do anything to fix it. (No, Ava is not at the brink of divorce with him!) And, just as there he was at this precarious precipice, Esme came in & somehow just saved his life. (Apparently that was the sex part, the saving factor.) Now, I must share with you that it was some of the most pitiful sex I've ever seen! Ewww. Pasty, white looking people who were barely out of their clothes & were as awkward together as two people can be. Every flashback to it is a need to cover my eyes! MY EYES! It's like sticking forks in them. Nik & Esme & the life-saving if inelegant boink. You heard it here first, folks!
Betsy Snyder, RIP Nov 2021, but won on the Writing Team of the Emmy 2022 DOOL
Today, 07:33 PM

Elizabeth "Betsy" Snyder, American soap opera writer, b. 1961 d. Nov 9 2021 (60, cancer).

Best Writing for Daytime Drama, the Daytime Emmy goes to Days of our Lives, 2022.

One of the submitted reels was the day the devil was in Doug Williams, who was in Dr. Marlena Evans' office being examined for the possibility of Alzheimer's and the devil moved over from Doug into Marlena before the day was over. This was the start of a major storyline. Betsy Snyder was the Breakdown Writer who wrote the outline for that entire tape day.

In her career she was an Actress, various assistants & various writers.

GH Writer's Asst. 1987-1989

GH Writer & Assoc. HW 1989-1993

AW Writer 1995-1996

BEACH Assoc. HW Brkdn Writer 1997-1999

PC Writer 1999-2000

B&B Assoc HW 2006-2010

B&B Story Consult 2004-2010

AMC co-HW 2013

DOOL Assoc HW 2011-2021

DOOL Brkdn Writer 209-2021

DOOL Beyond Salem Staff Writer 2021

Daytime Emmy Winner Only

B&B 2010

DOOL 2012

DOOL 2018

WGA Winner Only

DOOL 2021

DOOL 2022

She turned down the position of co-Head Writer of One Life to Live in November 2012. That position was accepted by Thom Racina.

   DAYS and B&B Writer Elizabeth Snyder Passes Away
Read more here--->
   Elizabeth SNYDER Obituary (1961 - 2021) - Buffalo, NY - Buffalo News
SNYDER - Elizabeth F. "Betsy"Passed away on November 9, 2021, after a brief illness. Born in 1961 in Buffalo, NY, Betsy lived most of her adult life in Pasadena, CA, where she had an Emmy-winning writ
General Discussion / Gentleman Jack is canceled by HBO!
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 09, 2022, 11:25:10 am »
Sat., 7-9-22, Bad News! GENTLEMAN JACK was jointly sponsored by the BBC & by HBO. HBO has just announced, earlier this week, that they are cancelling the show effective with the end of the second season, which just finished week before last. No idea if the BBC will want to go it alone or look for a different partner & do Season 3, or not.
General Discussion / Changes & Upheaval in TPTB in Soaps
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 08, 2022, 08:29:29 am »
Upheaval & Changes in TPTB

in some of the soaps on the air between 1996-2003.

HER STORIES p. 212-213.

Changes in EPs, HWs & network heads; creative types at NBC uneasy with network insistence that violence against women be used even as if it were a ratings enhancer. Also during this time period, P&G explored possibilities of new business models and/or mergers, etc. if not downright sale of shows. Included for example two Hollywood production companies or studios. Paramount & Columbia Tri-Star. Columbia Tri-Star was already in place with soap opera content since they owned parts of DOOL & Y&R. (That's really incorrect. DOOL is correct as it is jointly owned by now Sony & the Corday family corporation but Sony is the show distributor so that is a special deal, too. Y&R is owned 99% by now Sony with 1% belonging to the Corday family corporation. Details of that can be found in Lingering Questions that have answers.) Back to the upheaval because of personnel changes. Between late 1996 & early 1998 all 3 NY soaps replaced EPs & HWs at least once. In 2001, ABC shuffled 3 HWs between & among their 3 primary soaps. Between 2000 and 2003 all 3 networks changed their heads of daytime. The biggest factor in all of this is INSTABILITY. There were 2 soaps at the time that experienced STABILITY & they were the Bell family soaps - Y&R and B&B. Bell Sr. conveyed a sort of immunity to network meddling. When he died in 2005, those two shows lost that immunity & were subject to network meddling just like the other soaps.

The 3 NY soaps

1996, 1997, early 1998

Chgs in HW & EP

AW EP 1995-1996 Jill Farren Phelps

AW EP 1996-1998 Charlotte Savitz

AW EP 1998-1999 Chris Goutman

AW HW Aug 1995-May 1996 Tom King & Craig Carlson

AW HW May 1996-Jan 1997 Margaret DePriest

AW HW Jan 1997-Mar 1997 Elizabeth Page, Tom King & Craig Carlson

AW HW Mar 1997-Apr 1997 Tom King & Craig Carlson

AW HW Apr 1997-Dec 1997 Michael Malone

AW HW Dec 1997-May 1998 Richard Culliton

AW HW May 1998-July 1998 Richard Culliton & Jean Passanante

AW HW July 1998 Jean Passanante

AW HW Jul 1998-June 1999 Leah Laiman & Jean Passanante

ATWT EP Laurence Caso Oct. 1988-1995

ATWT EP John Valente May 1995-Nov. 8, 1996

ATWT EP Felicia Minei Behr Nov. 11, 1996-June 1999

ATWT EP Christopher Goutman July 1999-Sept. 17, 2010

ATWT HW Richard Culliton 1995-Jan. 31, 1996

ATWT HW Stephen Black & Henry Stern Feb. 2, 1996-1996

ATWT HW Stephen Demorest, Mel Brez, Addie Walsh* 1996-1997

ATWT HW Jessica Klein May 1997-late Oct. 1997

ATWT HW Stephen Demorest, Mel Brez, Addie Walsh* late Oct. 1997-Jan. 1998

GL EP 1996-2002 Paul Rauch

GL EP 2002-2004 John Conboy

GL EP 2004-2009 Ellen Wheeler

GL HW 1995-1996 Megan McTavish

GL HW 1996-1997 Victor Miller, Michael Conforti, Nancy Williams Watt

GL HW 1997-1998 James Harmon Brown & Barbara Esensten (RIP)

*Interim co-HWs

HWs at the ABC soaps

Nov 1999-Jan 2001 Agnes Nixon & Jean Passanante
Jan 2001-May 2001 Jean Passanante
May 2001-June 2001 Jean Passanante & Michael Conforti
Sep 1999-Mar 2001 Megan McTavish
Mar 2001-Jan 31 2003 Lorraine Broderick & Christopher Whitesell
Jun 2001 Michele Val Jean co-HW stepped down
Oct 2001 Megan McTavish
(Jan 2002 Michele Val Jean back as script writer)

Network Heads of Daytime Programming

ABC Jun 4 2000 Felicia Minei Behr, Sr. VP of Programming for ABC Daytime
CBS 2000 Lucy Johnson Sr. VP of Daytime, Children's etc. Programming
NBC 2000 Sheraton Kalouria Sr. VP of NBC Daytime Programming

General Discussion / DOOL, what a great show today!
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 08, 2022, 03:58:31 am »
Again today I found myself myself being happy with my soaps! I have to pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming & my first thought is not to post happy but to say something goofy. After all isn't it cool to be critical of your stories? Aw, He*lo pulling off some cool 'tude is not my thing. I'm having a good time & I might as well admit it. Chad went to yet another angst-ridden & scream-delivered place of anger. Billy Flynn reached for something & got it & threw it right into EJ's face. That was very high drama to be so physically close to each other. And, Rafe is impressing me being on the attack now that he has a bone to chew. Darbo is amazing. How can she play that naive?! I couldn't believe she even said, "Innocent until proven guilty." I am most worried if Leo did it. It was a nice turn that neither Leo nor Clyde knew each other. Strangers. I didn't know we were going to have a fight. They did a great job! I was seriously glad for Belle to whack her. But, where the heck is she? I was glad to see people with programs from the funeral. Everything they can do to support the idea that there really was one is the right thing to do. I like Evan. So, there's no chance he is getting out any time soon? My gaps in my DOOL viewing are waving red flags at me. Chloe has a sister? Chloe & Belle both have history? Why didn't Claire come back for the funeral? Am I the only one wondering if Mike Horton knows that bi*ch Gwen murdered his mother? Am I alone in thinking that Jack is guilty about Gwen growing up the way she did?
General Discussion / Re: DOOL's Obituary for Abigail
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 06, 2022, 11:44:54 pm »
I didn't think about it ahead of time but I'm sure that the show saved money they don't have to spend by not actually holding the funeral & the wake. So that pocket square wasn't a pocket square at all! It was a scarf of Abigail's! Good seeing Rafe as a good cop for a change. Gave me chills when he first saw that bracelet. How good that there are photos of that jewelry for insurance purposes.
General Discussion / Re: DOOL's Obituary for Abigail
« Last post by TonksIsHere on July 05, 2022, 07:03:37 am »
I thought yesterday's show was stellar! I like it when the show has a more or less regular day of people & their actions & reactions & relationships. The obituary was very good & well delivered. I liked Jenn talking to JJ at different times yesterday & about parental love of children. And, I liked JJ saying truth about Gwen! Jack really stormed out over that. Jack looks like h*ll & is acting like his life feels like h*ll these days. Terrible writing but I think it's because he is in a very bad place. I thought it was typically self-centered of Gwen to call yesterday. Oh, my, what does Gwennie have to add on such a terrible private day?!  Could you believe that Chad took all that careful time just getting that pocket square just so for his suit? Perfect moment.  :D

AND! Can you believe that after that whole long exhaustive list of Abby's surviving relatives Mike Horton was left off!? Jenn's big brother, Abby's Uncle Mike! Also Kristen DiMera was left off.  :'(
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